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Celtic Fire - Joy Nash I found the first two or three chapters really confusing, because I couldn't work out what was happening to who or where, because there were too many character names that didn't match up. For example, Rhiannon is a Welsh name, so I assumed the story was set in or near Wales. Then we find her deceased husband was named Niall - this is an Irish name. Strange, but possible that someone on the far west coast of Wales could marry an Irish man. Her brother is called Owein - that name is from northern England/southern Scotland (the Welsh version would be Owain). So where exactly are we? Wales/southern England, Ireland or northern England/southern Scotland? Then we find the Romans are at a fort called Vindolanda, just south of the Scottish Border... They are all Celtic names, but quite different areas of the country that I don't see intermingling in this time period. It's annoying, but by chapter 5, the story is starting to be engaging enough that I'm not noticing it so much.