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Falling in Love (Seasons of the Heart, #1) - Susette Williams Katie (age 22), thinks that her friend and boss, Wade (at 30) really should settle down, so decides to fix him up with a few dates. Wade is perfectly happy to be single, because he’s in love with Katie… but she’s so much younger, he’s her boss and he even lectures her college classes sometimes. A relationship isn’t an option. This had the potential to be a nice friends-to-lovers plot (well, lovers in the Victorian sense, given that this is a Christian novel).Unfortunately, Falling in Love is full of problems. It is full of head-hopping back and forward between the characters (to the point where I was constantly backtracking to try and work out whose thoughts I was reading) and awkward sentence constructions (“Careful not to cause the kitten, which had grown considerably in the last couple months, any more pain, he laid it down on the towel.”). In addition, it used unnecessary adverbs, was confusing with two characters with the same name (Margaret the wannabe model and Margaret who runs the orphanage – do they even have orphanages in America any more?), there was redundancy (big surprise that the brunette had brown hair), there were several saccharine moments of mutual admiration between the hero and heroine, and an ending that was cheesy beyond belief - even for a romance. I might have forgiven the ending if I wasn’t so frustrated by the headhopping in particular and the writing in general.I have read another novella by Susette Williams, published in a collection about Quakers. My recollection is that it was much better than this, with none of the editing issues. I guess that’s why I’m so disappointed in this – I know that she can do better.