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Return to Baragula (Baragula Series, Book 1) - Mary Hawkins Emily has returned Baragula, the small Australian town where she grew up. The first person she trips over (almost literally) is Matthew Davidson, her best friend's brother. And, although he doesn't know it, the father of her twins. Matthew and Emily met at Schoolies week (like Spring Break) and were instantly attracted, although Emily knew that as a Christian, she shouldn't form a relationship with Matthew, who had no faith.Yet now, six years later, Emily has lost her faith and Matthew is a stalwart member of the local church as well as being the town's doctor. Emily has to deal with her reaction to Matthew's new faith, and as a Nurse, is forced to work beside him as the town faces an epidemic. Meanwhile, Matthew is struggling to work out why such a strong Christian as Emily has lost her faith, and where her children fit in. Mixed in with this are some strange happenings, like a brick through the window of Emily's house.There is a sequel (Outback from Baragula), which is even better than this, and a third book is in progress. I really like Mary Hawkins characters and plots (although her writing can be a bit strained at times), and I particularly like the fact that the book is not based in the US, as so much Christian fiction is. I have read and re-read this book and the sequel, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic suspense that is just a bit different.