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Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story - Dee Henderson Jennifer O’Malley is a doctor specialising in pediatric oncology. She meets Tom Petersen, a handsome young surgeon in the same Houston hospital, and they become friends. As they get to know each other and explore the possibility of a closer relationship, Jennifer also has to come to terms with Tom’s Christian faith.Jennifer is a very quick read – only 160 pages, approximately half the length of a regular novel (although I notice it’s currently priced as a full-length novel). Fans of the O’Malley series will want to read this, even though it’s entirely predictable. Those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of the O’Malley stories should start with Jennifer. For anyone who has read any of the O'Malley series, this story was always going to be bittersweet, because the later O’Malley books made told us how the three main plot points were going to develop over time. Even so, it is good to finally get Jennifer's story, because of her disproportionate impact on the whole O'Malley saga.Thanks to Bethany House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.