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Justice at Baragula - Mary Hawkins Although I have been interested in reading the story of Maddie and Brad since Return to Baragula, I found this book difficult to read. The opening pages referred to much to the previous book (which would make this one difficult to read as a stand-alone) Brad seems to have developed a sickly-sweet personality that he didn't have in the previous books, constantly calling Maddie 'darling', and something about Maddie's spiritual journey just didn't work for me. Having said all that, it was a good enough story, just not as good as the previous books in the Baragula series.So why the 2-star review? Sadly, the things that negatively affected my enjoyment of the book were more from the publishing end. Firstly, there were editing/proof reading errors, with three spelling mistakes in the first sixty pages ('edition' instead of 'addition' when referring to a new addition to the family, 'midnight' instead of 'Midnight' when referring to the name of a horse, and 'your' instead of 'you'). These might be minor, but while one mistake can be considered an accident, but three in sixty pages just looks careless. The first mistake was on only the second page, and it was so distracting, it pulled me away from the story. I also got irritated by the grammar (too many exclamation marks and not enough commas), and by the font size, which was too small (the book was halfway between standard trade paperback size and standard mass market paperback size, with mass market font size). It made the book physically difficult to read. Please, publishers, do yourselves and your authors a favour by doing your jobs well. Proofread, edit (even very experience authors need good editing), and please, please, use the standard-sized font not the small font this book used. If you are trying to keep costs down by using less pages, try using cheaper paper instead - most books published out of the US use a newsprint rather than the glossy white this was printed on.A bit more care in the editing and a decent font size probably could have pushed this to a 4-star.