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Honor Redeemed (First Responders #2) - Loree Lough This is the second book in the First Responders series, following From Ashes to Honor: Book #1 in the First Responders series. If you liked the first book, I'm sure you will like this one, as it has the same excellent writing, and elements of the sub-plot carry on fron the first book. But if you are one of the readers (like me) who found that From Ashes to Honor ended too abruptly without sufficient resolution of the plot, then I imagine that you won't like this sequel either.Honor Redeemed follows Honor Mackenzie, who trains search and rescue dogs, and Matt Phillips, a widower with two small children, employed as a newspaper reporter. The two meet and a relationship develops, but there are dark secrets in Honor's past which have not been dealt with that causes struggles for them both. Then (and this is a direct quote from the book blurb) "he's told Honor has disappeared during a rescue effort".But this happens in the last quarter of the book. One of my pet hates is when the book blurb or title talks about something that doesn't happen until well into the book. How is it that a book review should not contain plot 'spoilers', but the advertising copy can? Again, this was a good story of a sweet relationship as it progressed, but parts of the story, especially towards the end, felt rushed, as though something was missing. We do find out Honor's dark secret at the end, and we don't get to see what will overcome it - at least not in this book.Loree Lough is an excellent writer with engaging plots and likeable characters, and From Ashes to Honor was looking to be a solid four star plus read, until the end. It just finished. No happy ever after, no resolution of the main conflict, nothing. Honor Redeemed was the same, and I didn't like it. I admire Lough's desire to honour those who work in first response situations. But authors such as Dee Henderson, DiAnn Mills and Irene Hannon have written romantic suspense series covering similar professions, yet, in my opinion, were much more satisfying.Thanks to Abingdon Press and NetGalley for providing free ebooks for review.