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The CEO Gets Her Man - Anne Ashby Debra is coerced by her mother into going undercover at as a waitress to discover why there are problems at what should be their most profitable resort, in New Zealand's beautiful South Island. Debra soon finds herself face-to-chest with Jason McEwan, her teenage celebrity crush - Jase was a famous rugby player until injury ended his career. Her job isn't made easier when she finds that Jase is just as attractive in the flesh as on the rugby field, and he seems to he attracted to her as well. But Debra must keep her wits about her, as Jase could well be responsible for the hotel's problems.This had potential, but was let down by writing that wasn't strong enough to disguise the cliched Harlequin plot line. The typos didn't help (loath instead of loathe and woose instead of wuss come to mind). On the plus side, this was a quick read, and I got it as a free download (I had previously downloaded and read the sample, and while it sounded OK, it didn't entice me enough to pay full price).Go ahead and try the sample - if you like it, you'll probably like the book, as it's pretty much indicative of the rest of the book.