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A Valley of Betrayal
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Susan Page Davis, Megan Elaine Davis
The Sacred Cipher: A Novel
Terry Brennan
Sons of Thunder
Susan May Warren
Blood Ransom PB (Mission Hope)
Harris Lisa

What Would Jesus Drive?

What Would Jesus Drive? - Paul Clark It’s Palm Sunday, and the cars are wondering what it’s all about. Mr T tells them the church is celebrating the morning Jesus rode into Jerusalem, which starts a debate: what would Jesus drive? Each vehicle has their own view, from a motorcycle to a tank, with each vehicle telling the reader a little more about Jesus and his mission and an end that reminds children and adults of what Jesus did. This is the eighth book in the Car Park Parables series, each of which takes a well-known bible story and retells it for primary school-aged children using a cast of motor vehicles. The books are illustrated by Graham Preston with appealing colour pencil drawings. Recommended for car-loving children and their parents.Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review.