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He Loves Lucy - Susan Donovan Lucy is a PR executive who is 100 pounds overweight. She signs up a new client, a gym, and as part of the promotion plan, she is volunteered for a challenge - work with our personal trainer to lose 100 pounds in a year. As an added incentive, they are offering to pay her (and the trainer) $1,000 for each pound she loses.Cue in overweight, under-confident Lucy, an exceedingly good-looking (and nice) personal trainer, a crush, a boss who is completely losing it and a budding friendship with a supermodel and you have a moving-but-funny romance with some possibly unintended results. How many books do you read that actually inspire you to do something more than visit your library/bookstore/Amazon to get more from the author? Lucy has actually inspired me to join a gym. Very scary, as I haven't set foot inside one since 1998.