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Dangerous Mercy: A Novel - Kathy Herman Dangerous Mercy is the second book in the Roux River Bayou trilogy, and begins around three years after the end of the first book (although this could have been made clearer). I would recommend reading the books in order, as there is a large cast of characters that can become confusing. It may also be worth rereading False Pretences before reading Dangerous Mercy—even though I had read it, it still took me a while to remind myself of who was who.The story opens with the discovery of a murder victim, a businessman who has been found dead in his own bathtub. More disturbingly, “#1” has been written on the wall, -implying there will be more victims—and there are. As in the first book, False Pretence, Zoe B’s restaurant becomes the central area where all the community characters meet and discuss what is happening in their town, especially when one of the victims is more closely related to them.By two-thirds of the way through, I thought I had worked out who-dun-it. But the one character who actually knew all the vital information didn’t join the dots and make the connection. Of course, with a good murder mystery, the reader is never sure what is a clue and what is merely a red herring.Dangerous Mercy finishes with a clear gospel message without being saccharine or preachy. I would have liked to have seen the members of the police department being extended more as characters in their own right, rather than as unwanted but necessary side players in a murder mystery. Overall, it was a good read, but was weaker than the first book in the trilogy. Thanks to David C Cook and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.This review also appears on my blog, www.christianreads.blogspot.com.