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Shattered Silence - Margaret Daley Liliana Rodriguez is a detective on the Durango Police force (apparently, Durango is in Texas. This initially confused me, because I’m sure I remember visiting Durango in Colorado. Never mind. This is another Durango, population 1885, if the internet is to be believed). Her partner has recently retired due to injury, so when a murder victim is discovered, Liliana is paired with Cody Jackson, the new Texas Ranger in town. Cody has just moved to town with his son, Kyle. Cody’s ex-wife, Kyle’s mother, has recently died, so Cody has taken custody of his son rather than leaving him with his step-father, because the step-father is a white supremacist who is currently under investigation, and it appears that Kyle has picked up some of his step-father’s unfortunate beliefs, and this is causing trouble at his new school.Soon another murder victim is found… then two more. Four victims in three days, with no obvious relationship between them. Yet there must be something connecting the victims. Outside work Cody and Liliana each have their own problems, Cody with his son, and Liliana with her sister, who is married to an abusive man but can’t be persuaded to leave him. Shattered Silence covers a lot of ground – murder, racism, domestic violence, school bullying (along with a dose of faith and some romance). It does it all well, but it’s almost as if there are too many subplots that end up taking focus off the main murder plot. A good book, certainly, but not a great book. This is the second book in the Men of the Texas Rangers series, following Saving Hope, but is a stand-alone title. Thanks to Abingdon and NetGalley for providing a free book for review.