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Crystal Gardens - Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick Classic Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz). Evangeline Ames is an intelligent older (virgin) heroine with some paranormal talent, who meets Lucas Sebastien, her landlord, a mysterious older man who others are afraid of (because they sense but don't understand his paranormal talents). Someone is trying to kill Evangeline, and Lucas feels obliged to protect her, both because she is is tenant, and because he finds her interesting...Cue the usual blundering criminals, more intelligent criminals and red herrings as Evie and Lucas discover who is trying to kill her, what is the secret of Lucas's mysterious Night Garden, and fall in love in the meantime. (This is paranormal romance. Readers expect a HEA, and Quick obligingly provides.)This isn't specifically set in the Arcane universe, but the characters have similar talents to those in the Arcane Society. First in a new series, so a good introduction for those who haven't yet read Amanda Quick. Quick fans might find this a little formulaic, but the formula works well, so why change it?