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Prescott Pioneers: The Complete Series - Karen Baney This volume includes four books in one: A Dream Unfolding, A Heart Renewed, A Life Restored and A Hope Revealed. Each book is also available separately. This is one series where the subsequent books each build on the earlier stories, so it is best read in order.Conflict is the essence of good fiction, and this series has conflict in large doses. Unfortunately, the doses are just too large, and become larger than life to the point of melodrama, especially in the final book. The stories were much darker than most Christian fiction, and I really didn't enjoy that aspect, as I felt it unnecessary. If I wanted to read about greed and the depravity of human nature, I’d be reading non-fiction.I also found the rape scenes unnecessarily detailed (yes, scenes, not just scene). There were plenty of hints of ‘marital intimacy’ throughout this collection, but they were just hints of activity occurring behind closed doors, as is normal for Christian fiction. So why detail the rape scenes? Yes, I know this is fiction. Yes, I know there are rape and abuse scenes in the Bible. Yes, I know bad things happen to good people. But am I the only person who finds it distasteful that the only time there is graphic sex in a Christian novel is when it’s a rape scene? On the positive side, the series is impeccably researched, and the author has managed to include a lot of historical detail without it seeming like an 'information dump'. All the stories have a strong Christian message of hope and forgiveness, and manage to portray this without descending into preachiness.Thanks to BookRooster for providing a free ebook for review.