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A Dream Unfolding - Karen Baney Dr. Drew Anderson and his wife, Hannah, decide to leave their home in Ohio and travel west after Drew’s brother, Thomas, robs the local bank and all the townsfolk turn against them. William Colter is a twenty-nine year old cattle rancher from Texas, who travels west after his father dies and his older brother, Reuben, kicks him off the family ranch. Luckily Will inherited half the stock, so he takes his share of the cattle and cash, and moves west to buy his own ranch. All have to learn to trust God as they travel and build new lives in 1860's Prescott, Arizona.My main issue with A Dream Unfolding is that it took too long to develop any relationship between the two sub-plots. It’s a historical romance, so you can see what’s got to happen, but the plotting seemed rather disjointed and the relationship between Drew and Hannah wasn’t really believable. It took half the book for Will to even meet his future wife, then the whole falling in love happened very quickly (too quickly), but then there was another slow-down before the obligatory Happy Ever After. Enjoyable enough, but not outstanding.Thanks to BookRooster for providing a free ebook for review (I actually received the 4-in-1 edition, Prescott Pioneers).