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A Heart Renewed - Karen Baney (Editor) Seventeen-year-old Julia Colter is forced to leave her home in the dead of night after she is raped by her older brother, Reuben, as punishment for not marrying the rancher he has selected for her (yes, this story is not for the faint-hearted, and no, it is not an easy read). Julia travels to Arizona with her neighbour, Adam Larson, posing as his sister. Adam has been offered a job in Arizona, working as a horse trainer for Julia’s older brother, Will. This story centres around Julia’s emotional and spiritual healing from Reuben’s attack, and her growing relationship with Adam. She has feelings for him, but doesn’t believe he could ever love her. Julia also has difficulty getting close to Will, because he looks just like Reuben, which reminds her of the abuse she suffered. Despite the difficult situation, this was a solid story of growing trust and forgiveness. What I didn’t like about A Heart Renewed was the amount of time that was taken up with the sub-plot about Thomas Anderson (Drew’s brother). This wasn’t at all relevant to the Julia/Adam plot, but just felt like it was setting up the next book in the series, which it was. While it was interesting enough (and, in fairness, was consistent with the ‘heart renewed’ theme), the story of Thomas detracted too much from the main plot. Thanks to BookRooster for providing a free ebook for review (I actually received the 4-in-1 edition, Prescott Pioneers).