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A Hope Revealed - Karen Baney Since her husband disappeared two years ago, Mary Colter has supported herself and her two children as a laundress, and tried to escape marriage to men who will no doubt treat her as badly as her husband did. When she receives a small inheritance, she uses it to travel to Prescott, to the home of her brother-in-law, in the hope that he will take her in and she will finally be able to escape Reuben’s influence. But Mary finds, to her horror, that she might have brought more danger to Prescott.Overall, this was probably my least favourite story of the four, because several of the characters behaved out of character. I found it inconsistent that Julia managed to forgive Reuben (in the second book), yet she was absolutely hateful towards Reuben’s wife, Mary, when she appeared in A Hope Revealed. This suggests to me that she had not really forgiven Reuben either (not that I blame her – it was the inconsistent behaviour that annoyed me). Eddie hates his father and wishes he were dead, yet when he gets his wish, he declares that he hates Warren for killing Reuben. I know Eddie’s only supposed to be a child, but that still seems out of character. I also found Will rather annoying in the final book, particularly in regard to Reuben. Thanks to BookRooster for providing a free ebook for review (I actually read the 4-in-1 volume, Prescott Pioneers).