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Lethal Legacy: A Novel (Guardians of Justice) - Irene Hannon I found the first two books in this series (Deadly Pursuit and Fatal Judgement) disappointing, as the plots closely resembled those of the first two books in her previous Heroes of Quantico series (it kind if spoils the suspense when an author uses the exact same scenario to locate the kidnap victim in two books). Having said that, friends who have also read both series didn't notice the similarities and loved them all.Don't get me wrong: Irene Hannon can write excellent romantic suspense. But she has to learn to vary her plots, because it takes more to maintain a writing career than simply changing a few character names, physical locations and occupations. You have to some up wth an original plot with original twists - not just copy your own previous books.So, was Lethal Legacy simply a rehash of the plot of In Harm's Way (the final in the Quantico series)? Or was it something original? Well, both. Both novels are romantic suspense, featuring a woman who finds something that might be a clue in a crime, both have their worries initially dismissed, but are followed up by a crime fighter who has more than a professional interest in them. All fairly standard stuff for a Christian Romantic Suspense novel.But where In Harm's Way features a twin, separated from her sister at a young age, Lethal Legacy is the story of Kelly Warren, an only child whose mother died years ago and whose father recently committed suicide - or so the police said. She disputes that finding, and enlists the help of Detective Cole Taylor to unlock the answer to a long-buried secret and find out who is now trying to kill her. (Good. Using the twin angle twice would simply have been too much.) Cue a developing relationship, some cameo appearances from Cole's brother and sister (who had lead roles in the previous two books), some good writing, loads of suspense and a plot that, for the most part, didn't remind me of something else from this author. I hope that her next series will be an improvement on this one. If not, then I doubt I'll be buying it. But this book was at least good enough that I'll give the next one a try.