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God's Poetry: The Identity and Destiny Encoded In Your Name - Anne   Hamilton God’s Poetry isn’t a book of poems, but is about the identity and destiny encoded in your name. It’s not a traditional book of baby names either – it’s more a combination of poetry, literary fantasy, linguistic and mathematical concepts underlying the meaning and origin of words, especially names, and how these can have an unknowing impact on our personal dreams and destinies. It’s worth making the point, even in a review, that Anne Hamilton makes several times in God’s Poetry: while our names have a meaning, we are not bound to that destiny. We have a choice. And seeking understanding of the destiny implied in our name (given names and surname) can help us to pursue or change that destiny.As you’ve probably guessed, God’s Poetry is a complex book. It’s a symphony rather than a three-minute pop song (like Your Secret Name, which is a twenty-minute sermon lengthened into a lightweight 200-page book with the addition of some amusing and occasionally relevant anecdotes). God’s Poetry is the opposite – a 200-page book filled with seemingly irrelevant anecdotes that suddenly become important (much like some of the seemingly irrelevant asides in the Bible). The stories seem to be going off on tangents, yet come together to make her point. Names have been a passion of Anne’s, and the years of research and thought that have gone into God’s Poetry are evident in her writing. She incorporates a huge variety of ancient and modern languages and cultures into her research, to the point where I can see I will have to read it again to really understand some of the nuances. It’s well-written, and the ideas resonate with me as truth. Recommended.Thanks to Anne Hamilton and Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review.