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Soul Friend: The Story of a Shared Spiritual Journey - Jo-Anne Berthelsen In reading this review, there are two things you need to know about me as a reviewer. The first is that I am very stingy with five-star ratings. I don’t give them out easily. The second is that I don’t read memoir or biographies of ‘ordinary people’, because I usually find they are boring and filled with irrelevant details that don’t contribute to the bigger picture. So the fact that I have given Soul Friend, a memoir, a five-star rating means that I was impressed. So impressed that I actually purchased a copy (my review is based on a complimentary copy provided by the publisher). Soul Friend: The Story of a Shared Spiritual Journey is (as the title suggests) a memoir detailing the friendship between Jo-Anne and Joy that began when Jo-Anne was undertaking studies in ministry and needed a spiritual mentor for the year. However, the relationship has lasted many years beyond that, and in this memoir Jo-Anne details her own spiritual struggles and shares how Joy has been instrumental in encouraging and advising her. The early chapters see Jo-Anne struggling with questions around the role of women in Christian ministry, an issue many women and churches) grapple with. Like many of us, she has also struggled with juggling too many roles at once and not wanting to burden others by stepping down. Her writing is clear and honest, and she isn't afraid to reveal things that don't always paint her in the most positive light (or perhaps she is afraid, but she doesn't let that stop her).Overall, Soul Friend encourages us to both have a spiritual mentor and to be a spiritual mentor to others, as demonstrated in the Bible by Barnabas with Saul, then Paul with Timothy and others (I don’t believe in coincidence, but this was the subject of yesterday’s sermon. Same message from two totally unrelated sources – do you think God’s trying to say something here?).It is a beautiful testament to Joy and the thousands of hours she and her husband spent ministering into the lives of many others, not just Jo-Anne. I particularly liked the way Jo-Anne talked about her writing journey, and the struggle she had for others to see writing as a ministry. Recommended. Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free ebook for review.