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Full Disclosure - Dee Henderson The reviews were right. This is not up to Dee Henderson's usual standard. It's almost 200 pages too long, it's full of telling not showing and narrative disguised as dialogue. The romance isn't romantic, and I'm not convinced the couple will have their HEA. I don't even understand why Paul was attracted to Ann in the first place. The suspense had potential, but was drowned out by the never-ending narrative. The female protag (Ann Silver) isn't likeable, too much of the book is from the POV of the male protag to ever give us a proper feel for Ann, and mixing fact and fiction by claiming that Ann Silver wrote the O'Malley books (in fact, Ann Silver apparently wrote all 15 of Henderson's previous books)? This was a major glitch that kept pulling me out of the story... which was hard enough to get in to in the first place because of all the unnecessary narrative. I've really enjoyed all Henderson's other books. I own 13 of the 15, and have read and reread them. I won't be rereading this one. I really hope her next full-length novel returns to the writing that was so successful in the O'Malley and Uncommon Heroes books, because reading this was a chore.