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Follow the Heart - Kaye Dacus Katherine Dearing has been sent from Philadelphia to England to find a rich husband who will be able to salvage her family’s financial situation. But at twenty-seven, is she too old to attract a rich husband? Or any husband? Accompanying her is her younger brother, Christopher, who has recently qualified as a solicitor specialising in railway law. He too is under pressure to marry well, although having a profession at least means he can support himself, but both of them find they are attracted to the wrong people. The siblings are staying with their maternal uncle, Sir Anthony Buchanan, and their cousins, Edith, Dorcas and Florence. There Sir Anthony organises a house party where Kate and Christopher are introduced to many members of the aristocracy, including Viscount Thynne . They also meet Andrew Lawton, a garden designer currently working on the Wakesdown Manor gardens, and Honora Woodruff, governess to the youngest Buchanan. I really liked the characters, even the ones I didn’t like (if that makes sense). Edith reminded me of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey—well written, but unpleasant and with too high an opinion of herself. Dorcas and Florence were much more likeable, even though they were only minor characters, so I hope we see more of them. A lot of the plot revolved around the gardens, as Kate is a keen gardener, albeit one with quite different ideas to Andrew. I am always nervous when I see a novel set in England by an American writer, especially a historical. I have had too many ruined by insufficient research and an abundance of Americanisms, so I am relieved and pleased to say that Follow the Heart had no cultural cringes or historical anachronisms (and, in regards to factual errors, the subplot was heavily related to gardening, a subject I know little about, so I really can’t comment). I was also very pleased with the way the Christian aspects of the story were handled, particularly with Kate. My one issue is that the end of the novel felt a bit rushed—although that could be more about me reading too fast to find out how the problems are resolved.This is the first novel in the new Great Exhibition series, set around Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace, London, in 1851. As Follow the Heart finished just after the beginning of the Exhibition, I look forward to seeing more of the Great Exhibition in future novels (hint, hint). Thanks to B&H Publishing and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.