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Frontiersman's Daughter, The: A Novel - Laura Frantz I wanted to stop reading at the 25% mark, when Lael was still only 13 years old, but I kept reading for all those people who think it's not fair on the author to give a low rating without finishing the book. Well, that means the book went from a 2-star Did Not Finish to a 1-star.It was long. Too long. And it was boring.The entire book was written from Lael's point of view, and I didn't find her that interesting as a character. She was alone most of the time, which meant the action (such as it was) was all narrative, with very little dialogue. That made it seem even longer, and even less interesting. The best bit was the last 10%, which had a lot of internal and external conflict, and a lot of people and things happening.On the plus side, the research was outstanding. But overpowering. If I'm reading a book and seeing the research, that means I'm not seeing the story, which means there is something wrong with the story (see above). I've also read Courting Morrow Little, and that made a much better job of integrating the research into a story with more action and a better balance between introspection and action. Maybe that's why I found The Frontiersman's Daughter disappointing: because it's not as good as Morrow's story. It could also be that Morrow's story is a historical romance, whereas this is definitely historical fiction, in that the focus of the story is on Lael, not her relationship(s).It's a Christian novel, but the Christian content really only starts to come in at the end. Sometimes that's a good thing, but in this case it almost felt as if it was tacked on the end to appeal to a specific market.