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Words - Ginny L. Yttrup Words is a difficult read because it's dealing with some serious subject matter, but it's worth the effort. It's Ginny Yttrup's debut novel, and won her two Christy award nominations (and one win), an honour that is entirely deserved."... an innocent child paid the price for others' poor choices--just like Christ, who was also completely innocent, paid the price for my choices".The innocent child is 10year-old Kaylee, who lives in a remote cabin with her mother's ex-boyfriend, her mother having abandoned her there. He is not a nice person, yet Kaylee's descriptions of him are understated (and prove authors don't need to use graphic language to describe abuse).Sierra discovers Kaylee, and the young girl brings out her protective instincts, instincts she had long buried under the pain of her own sin and grief. As the relationship between the two grows, they are both able to face the past and find healing. Ginny Yttrup doesn't write easy reads, but her books are well-written, dealing with real issues, and overcoming their hardships through faith in God.