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Fired Up - Mary Connealy Glynna Greer has just been widowed for the second time, and is determined not to marry again. But that means finding an honest way to support herself and her two children, Paul and Janny. Dare Riker, the town doctor, is interested in Glynna, but there’s not only Glynna’s resistance to another relationship: there’s Paul, who is hostile at the idea of his mother marrying another no-hoper. So Dare will have to prove himself …Dare is one of the Regulators, a group of men imprisoned together during the War. They help each other, and it seems Dare needs a lot of help. First he is caught in a major rockfall in a canyon, then his house is burned down around him. The doctor needs doctoring, and Glynna is the only person to do it. I liked Dare; I liked Glynna. But I wasn’t convinced by the relationship. Fired Up has solid characters, an adventure-filled plot, a strong Christian message and is an easy if lightweight read from the Queen of the Christian Western. I enjoyed reading it, but can’t say there was anything especially memorable about it, nor any reason to continue with the series. Fired Up is the sequel to Swept Away, which I have also reviewed. There’s enough recap of the Swept Away story for Fired Up to be read as a stand-alone novel, although it’s more enjoyable read as part of a series (it’s possible there was too much recap, but I could hardly remember the first story so it was welcome). Thanks to Bethany House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.